Quaternary Sector

The Quaternary Sector - Knowledge and Technological Innovation Sector

It is an economic sector that mainly includes intellectual activities and knowledge-based activities aimed at the future growth and development of the economy and business. It is also sometimes called the knowledge economy sector.

Post-industrial economic development has created a growing need for people with skills and knowledge in areas such as scientific research, innovation and development, analysis and planning, as well as education.

Workers in the quaternary sector of the economy are known as workers with “silver collars".

Trends in the Quaternary Sector of Economy

The intellectual activities within the sector are elements for determining the technological progress that can have a huge impact on the economic growth. The workforce of the sector is made up of highly qualified individuals, with skills and abilities in information services or knowledge-based fields.

Because they are not related to resources, affected by the environment or necessarily located in the market, the greatest benefit of quaternary services is that they can also be outsourced to companies or organizations that do not have research-development-innovation resources.

Rushmore is one of England’s

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